Tyson Barrie takes less money to sign with Oilers

By signing Tyson Barrie, the Oilers landed one of the most prominent (and polarizing) defensemen in 2020 NHL Free Agency. The Oilers announced that they signed Barrie to a one-year, $3.75 million contract.

TSN’s Frank Seravalli reports that Barrie, 29, left money on the table to join the Oilers. (Servalli reports that one offer included a $6M AAV.)

At face value, that seem like a questionable choice by Barrie, especially since the Oilers haven’t exactly reached their potential despite employing Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. But, then you realize that Tyson Barrie’s likely to quarterback a power play with McDavid and Draisaitl, and it sounds like he might take some short-term financial pain for long-term gains.

Really, it also sounds like it would be fun for Barrie, doesn’t it?

Oilers sign free agent defenseman Tyson Barrie

Heading into 2019-20, Tyson Barrie carried quite a bit more clout. While there were warnings about Barrie’s underlying numbers, he was a key part of the Avalanche – Maple Leafs trade that also featured Nazem Kadri.

To put things mildly, Barrie’s reputation took a hit over the last year or so.

No doubt about it, Barrie struggles in the defensive end. Yet, as you likely know, just about everything hockey-related can get blown out of proportion in Toronto.

In other words, the criticisms about Barie’s defensive game aren’t totally unfair. Instead, they might be amplified to the point that some assume Barrie has no value whatsoever.

The truth is probably somewhere between the lows of 2019-20 and the mixed reactions (sometimes excessively positive) beforehand.

It’s also fair to mention that the Maple Leafs landed Barrie at a reduced rate, and the Oilers aren’t betting the house on him, either. Maybe that should dull expectations.

And maybe NHL GMs should also account for these feelings next off-season, after a possibly prolific season running the Oilers power play:

While we await the results of the Alex Pietrangelo sweepstakes, the secondary defensemen market is shrinking. Barrie joins Torey Krug and Christopher Tanev as noteworthy defensemen who’ve signed recent deals.

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