‘Tiny World’ on Apple TV+: Behind the scene featurette

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Watching Tiny World on Apple TV+ — or even just watching the trailer for Tiny World on Apple TV+ — you may find yourself wondering how, exactly, this docuseries got so up close and personal with such teensy-weensy animals.

In the exclusive featurette above, three filmmakers break down the technology and the processes used to film some of the smallest creatures from all over the planet, including the strawberry poison-dart frog, the northern goshawk, and the golden-tailed gecko. 

If it looks like a lot of work, it was: Tiny World was almost 10 years in the making. But all you have to do to enjoy the fruits of their labor is kick back, relax, and let Ant-Man Paul Rudd’s soothing narration take you away when Tiny World premieres Oct. 2 on Apple TV+.

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