The insurance companies are with Biden, but Biden pretends otherwise

Joe Biden is picking up where his old boss, President Barack Obama, left off, claiming to be fighting against the insurance companies while he’s fighting side by side on the same side as them.

Biden, to critique President Trump and Judge Amy Coney Barrett, brought up the Supreme Court case Texas v. United States, which would strike down Obamacare. “He’s in the Supreme Court right now trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act,” Biden said early in the Tuesday night debate, concluding, “Insurance companies are going to love this.”

Biden is wrong. But the insurance companies don’t want the case to succeed. They are clearly on the side of Obamacare here. America’s Health Insurance Plans, the leading lobbyist for health insurance companies, filed an amicus brief opposing the lawsuit.

“Make no mistake,” the insurers wrote, “invalidation of the ACA would wreak havoc on the entire health care system.”

The brief continued to praise Obamacare and defend it:

“Since its passage in 2010, the ACA has transformed the nation’s health care system. It has restructured the individual and group markets for purchasing private health care coverage, expanded Medicaid, and reformed Medicare. Health insurance providers (like AHIP’s members) have invested immense resources into adjusting their business models, developing new lines of business, and building products to implement and comply with those reforms. As a result, 20 million more Americans — including those with preexisting conditions — now have affordable coverage for the first time, and millions more enjoy better and more comprehensive coverage.”

Yet, Biden gets away with saying the insurance companies would love for the law to be struck down. It’s false, empty populist posturing.

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