(RTTNews) – Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, Inc. (WMT), announced Thursday that it plans to deliver something special throughout the holiday Season. The company is also hiring 2,000 permanent, full-time supply chain associates to support the expected demand amid a busy shopping season.

Sam’s Club would add more days of deals for its members, introduce more newness, more often in clubs and online, and plan unexpected moments that delight shoppers throughout the season.

The decision is based on a survey of its members regarding holiday shopping plans. Among them, 61 percent said they would be shopping more online this year, and 31 percent said they would be shopping earlier than past years.

The company is offering more days for members to save through holiday savings events. October Savings Event has already started from October 4. The other events include November Instant Savings from October 28 to November 29; November Savings Event- extended from one day to nine days, from November 7 to November 15; and 10 Days of Thanks-Savings- extended from four days to 10 days from Nov. 20 to Nov. 29.

Further, Cyber Monday Online-Only Savings Event is on Nov. 30; December Instant Savings will come from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24; and December Savings Event; extended from one day to nine days from Dec. 5 to Dec. 13.

The warehouse club will unveil all its November deals in a single savings book, mailed to members’ homes the week of Oct. 21. The deals for the December events will also be shared with members in just one book that is mailed to members’ homes in late November.

Regarding hiring, Sam’s Club said all fulfillment center hourly associates will receive a $2 hourly premium during the holiday season. Hundreds of those new hires will work at the retailer’s new,

According to Variety, ABC Entertainment today unveiled new inclusion standards for its primetime shows to increase the numbers of underrepresented minorities both on-screen and behind the scenes.

The initiative was spelled out in a letter sent to creatives and colleagues from Simran Sethi, ABC’s executive vice president of development and content strategy, who said it as designed to “ensure multidimensional representation across the entire creative and production process,” the trade publication said.

“These new guidelines are intended to make our content and our sets as inclusive as possible, and will serve as a further catalyst for real and sustained change,” Variety quotes Sethi as saying, “We want to take this moment to evaluate systems and habits in an effort to remove barriers to access and opportunity. It’s important for us to look around the room, see who’s not there, and then take the steps to not only bring them in but also set them up for success.”

According to Variety, the mandates include having 50 percent or more regular or recurring written characters from underrepresented groups along with their “meaningful integration” into the themes and storyline.

“ Similar criteria are asked of (the) below-the-line crew and creative leadership, including half or more of episodic directors or producer-and-above level writing staff coming from underrepresented groups,” Variety says.

The Walt Disney-owned network expects to meet these goals over the next few years.  

CBS has initiated a similar program to address concerns over diversity at their network.

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