Rebecca is CEO of LearnLux, a financial well-being company that helps employees feel great about their money so their work & wellness thrive

Employees typically don’t know how to talk about money. It’s something we all need to know but are usually never taught. In some families, it’s a total taboo. I hear the shame, confusion and discomfort each time personal finances come up. People get anxious, they change the subject and what isn’t said is much more impactful than what anyone actually says out loud. We learn from a young age that money is one of those subjects that shouldn’t be talked about because it’s private and personal and no one’s business. Instead, I believe this needs to be a focus for every business because we’re all dealing with money every day. Avoiding it is contributing to stress levels that are unsustainable, at work and at home, but change is possible. Employees need support to feel good about their finances, and employers have a responsibility to help enable this. It starts by talking about it.

In my experience, the silence surrounding money only compounds the problem. Shame plus silence is a recipe for trouble and leaves us feeling alone and isolated while those around us are having the same issues. But most importantly, we can’t get guidance for issues we can’t talk about. Since avoidance is not the answer, now is the time to get talking about how we manage our money in this pandemic and economic uncertainty-filled world.

I recently had a conversation with an executive in Human Resources who was struggling with how to use financial well-being benefits to support her team. She didn’t know where to begin the conversation because it all seemed too complicated. I told her that she was illustrating the problem