As we look at this week’s big Apple announcement, all expectations are that Apple will join Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and others with 5G-capable phones. It seems exciting. After all, if 4G was good, 5G has to be better. Right?


But here’s the thing: While 5G has long-term potential for overall telecommunications infrastructure, it doesn’t appear to have many near-term advantages for smartphones. In fact, it would seem that if you’re paying just to upgrade your phone to 5G, you’re probably wasting money.

In this article, I’ll explore five reasons it’s hard to get happy about 5G – at least for this generation of smartphones.

1. Not available in most areas

Sure, 5G will be built out tower-by-tower across the United States. But right now, it’s pretty unimpressive. Here’s what CNET wrote in June about connectivity:

On availability, T-Mobile users were connected to its 5G network 22.5% of the time, over twice the percentage of AT&T (10.3%) and nearly double Sprint (14.1%). Verizon, whose millimeter-wave network doesn’t currently extend beyond certain blocks in 35 cities, had users connected to its 5G network just 0.4% of the time, according to OpenSignal.

That’s a best case of 22% of the time. That means that four out of five calls made using the provider with the highest percentage of 5G connections aren’t able to use 5G.

2. Won’t make watching YouTube or Hamilton any better

Sure, you might want to stream your favorite movies in 4K. But here’s a fact of life: If you’re watching a movie on a smartphone, it’s going to be just as pretty in 1080p as in 4K. The screen is too small to make all that much of a difference.

If you’re investing in a brand new phone because you think 5G will make your on-phone video watching

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s third-quarter profit likely jumped 58% to its highest in two years, beating analyst estimates as U.S. restrictions on China’s Huawei boosted the South Korean tech giant’s phone and chip sales.

U.S. action against Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has dampened demand for its phones outside of China, giving a leg up to Samsung, analysts said, while the Chinese firm also hurried to order more chips from Samsung after Washington moved to choke its access to commercially available chips from mid-September.

Samsung said on Thursday operating profit was likely 12.3 trillion won ($10.6 billion) for the three months ended September, well above a Refinitiv SmartEstimate of 10.5 trillion won. It would be the strongest result since 17.57 trillion won in the third quarter of 2018.

Revenue likely rose 6% from the same period a year earlier to 66 trillion won, the company said.

Samsung released only limited data in Thursday’s regulatory filing ahead of the release of detailed earnings figures later this month.

“It seems Huawei’s impact on Samsung’s chip business was bigger than the market expected, and there was a big surprise in the smartphone and home appliance businesses,” said CW Chung, head of research at Nomura in Korea.


Samsung was expected to post its biggest smartphone profit in at least four years, analysts said, as it gained market share from Chinese rivals and the coronavirus pandemic helped cut marketing costs.

Washington, which says Huawei is a vehicle for Chinese state espionage, has tightened restrictions on the firm, hurting demand for Huawei phones in Europe and other countries and boosting Samsung’s sales at a time when markets outside China are recovering from COVID-19 lockdowns, analysts said.

FILE PHOTO: The logo of Samsung Electronics is seen on

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