Sen. Gary Peters for the first time opened up about his personal experience with abortion in an Elle interview published Monday. 

Gary Peters wearing a suit and tie: U.S. Senator Gary Peters speaks after touring the TCF Center alternate care facility on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 in Detroit.

© Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press
U.S. Senator Gary Peters speaks after touring the TCF Center alternate care facility on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 in Detroit.

The Michigan Democratic incumbent shared details of the abortion his then-wife underwent in her second trimester to save her life. Peters went public with the story as his re-election campaign continues and Senate hearings begin for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. 

In the 1980s, Peters first wife, Heidi, was four months pregnant with their second child when her water broke, leaving the fetus without amniotic fluid, Peters told the magazine. Doctors told them to wait for a miscarriage to naturally occur but that didn’t happen. 

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“It’s a story of how gut-wrenching and complicated decisions can be related to reproductive health, a situation I went through with my first wife,” he told Elle.

The two went to the hospital the next day where the doctor recommended an abortion because the fetus had no chance of survival, but it wasn’t an option because of the hospital’s policy banning the procedure, according to Elle. The couple was told to wait again for a miscarriage.

“The mental anguish someone goes through is intense trying to have a miscarriage for a child that was wanted,” Peters told the magazine.

Heidi’s health deteriorated and when they went

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Whitney Way Thore

Whitney Way Thore is reflecting on her mental health struggles.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, 36, reflected on the “profound personal loss” she experienced this year, which included splitting from fiancé Chase Severino after learning he was expecting a child with another woman.

“Hey y’all. It’s #worldmentalhealthday and I just want to remind you that if you’re struggling, you’re not alone,” she wrote at the start of the candid post. “I was diagnosed with depression at 18 and have been dealing with it for more than 20 years. I’ve also been diagnosed with atypical anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and generalized anxiety disorder.”

“2020 has been chaotic, terrifying, divisive, and disheartening. Even the most positive people with no history of mental health issues have probably felt hopeless, helpless, and like things are bleak,” she continued. “If you feel like this, again, you are NOT ALONE. If you’ve been comparing your life to people on social media, wondering why you can’t get it the f– together, let me remind you: social media IS NOT REAL.”

The TLC star noted that although she tries to be “as authentic as possible” on social media, it’s not always possible to fully convey what she is going through.

“There would be no way for me [to] share the profound personal loss I’ve experienced this year, as well as the stress, isolation, and daily ups and downs I’ve experienced going through this year like all the rest of you,” she wrote. “I have spent so many days dealing with depression and anxiety. This has been the hardest period of my life in terms of my mental health that I can remember.

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Launching an innovative crowdfunding platform giving individuals the ability to be part of Nitya’s deals.

HOUSTON, Oct. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nitya Capital LLC announces the release of a revolutionary crowdfunding platform, providing investors the power to attain interest in Nitya’s deals, never before open to the public.

Real Estate Investment Redefined
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Housed within Nitya’s website, the crowdfunding platform provides a full-scale range of wealth fund options across asset classes, including multifamily and office properties. The crowdfunding platform is uniquely positioned to provide investors with a better offer by eliminating additional fees, typically passed along to investors using third-party crowdfunding models.

“This is a game changer for a lot of investors. We’ve built a platform that enhances the way people can invest in real estate by taking away the extra fees and giving them access to our ventures,” said Swapnil Agarwal, CEO and founder, Nitya Capital. “We’re making the deals extremely competitive and opening them up to the public, allowing new investors to be part of Nitya’s movement.”

Nitya Capital’s historical performance includes an average deal of 2.7 years with a realized average net IRR of 21%. Nitya has approximately $2.5 billion in assets under management. Opportunities are open to accredited investors and start at $25,000.

“We’ve found there is a significant market for people looking to diversify their portfolio, as an alternative to typical stock and bond investments,” said Mehul Chavada, Head of Investments and Business Development, Nitya Capital. “We’ve been able to beat investor expectations in past deals. Since we used to only work with known investors, this kind of public opportunity has never been on the table before.”

For more on the crowdfunding platform, go to

About Nitya Capital
Nitya Capital LLC

By Christoph Steitz and Tom Käckenhoff

ESSEN, Germany (Reuters) – Thyssenkrupp has begun due diligence with potential bidders for its plant division as the German conglomerate accelerates a radical overhaul to sell or turn around ailing business units in the next two years, a top executive told Reuters.

In his first interview, Volkmar Dinstuhl, who oversees the divestment of non-core assets, said the company has opened the books to buyers of its plant-building units and received expressions of interest for its stainless steel division.


is also open to considering offers for its automotive and remaining industrial assets, said Dinstuhl, who heads up the group’s Multi-Tracks division, which houses businesses Thyssenkrupp no longer wants to own.

“Our goal is to find a solution for all our businesses within the next two years,” said Dinstuhl, the first time Thyssenkrupp has outlined a timeline for restructuring.

The Essen, Germany-based company, which makes submarines, warships, steel and car parts, as well as equipment for cement factories, construction and fertiliser plants, is struggling to define what its core business is.

Dinstuhl, an international chess master, is taking an opportunistic approach to reshaping the company’s portfolio after selling the company’s elevators unit for 17.2 billion euros ($20.2 bln) earlier this year.

That disposal gives Thyssenkrupp the financial strength to stem potential writedowns on other assets it has up for sale, allowing it to pursue a deeper restructuring than has previously been possible.

Dinstuhl said that Multi-Tracks, which accounts for about 6 billion euros in sales and was responsible for 400 million euros of negative cash flow in the 2018/19 fiscal year, will seek to sell, shut down or find partners for the 10 units it comprises.

“We’re basically an internal private equity fund,” he said.

Jennifer Cooper, who has held various M&A positions at Thyssenkrupp

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio — After more than half a year of construction, Bob’s Discount Furniture in late summer opened the doors of its new North Olmsted location on Brookpark Road.

“I’d say all of Northern Ohio is just a great market for us and a natural extension from our current footprint with stores in the Detroit and Cincinnati,” Bob’s Discount Furniture Regional Manager Chris Levenberg said.

“The North Olmsted location is a great shopping area with a lot of customer traffic. We like to go in areas we call ‘furniture row,’ where there are other furniture stores. We generally do very well around competition.”

Previously the Remington College building, the new Bob’s Discount Furniture location is a 39,734-square-foot store and outlet located in the Great Northern Plaza.

“People have been very excited seeing us open up,” Levenberg said. “We’re happy to see that they’re responding very well. One of the biggest things about Bob’s that makes us different is we do what we call no gimmick pricing.

“We don’t run any sales, we don’t have any haggling. It’s just kind of honest and up-front pricing. Another thing that makes us very different in the entire market is that all of our furniture is branded as Bob’s. It’s been kind of a de-branded in order to provide the best value we can to our customers.”

In addition to the new North Olmsted locations, Bob’s Discount Furniture recently opened Northeast Ohio stores at Mayfield Heights’ Golden Gate Plaza and North Canton’s Strip Shopping Center.

Founded in 1991, Bob’s Discount Furniture is one of the fastest growing furniture retailers in the country offering customers discounts on a wide variety of stylish, quality furnishings, mattresses and home accents.

With 136 furniture stores across 21 states, the Manchester, Connecticut-based company holds an A+ rating from