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Jonathan Liss: Welcome to Let’s Talk ETFs. I’m your host Jonathan Liss, and I’ve been closely tracking the ETF space for more than 13 years through a variety of roles here at seekingalpha.com. Each week, a different guests and I will take an in-depth look at a particular aspect of the rapidly evolving exchange traded fund space with a focus on how investors can best utilize ETFs to reach their investing goals.

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For reference purposes, this podcast is being recorded on the morning of Tuesday, September 8, 2020. I’m joined today by Sean O’Hara, President of PacerETFs. Sean began his carrier at PLANCO/Hartford in 1985, where he spent 22 years as a wholesaler, Division Manager, and Managing Director of the National Wholesaler Team. In 2007, Sean joined his PLANCO co-Founder, Joe Thompson again at Pacer Financial to serve as a national wholesaling company for various products, including Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Notes, annuities and SMEs.

In 2015, Pacer ETFs was launched. With Sean’s leadership, the company has become one of