Being an entrepreneur is an exciting and demanding career choice, and for most, it seems easy enough to know that you need to generate money for your business to survive. But it’s not always that easy for many. Many entrepreneurs jump into business without considering the mind-limiting beliefs that they carry.  Quite often, you are not aware of the beliefs that hold you back until you are deep into the sales activities of the business.

Liz St Pierre, a business coach for online entrepreneurs who are ready to build and launch their signature program, noticed a common theme with her clients and it was how they dealt with the money aspect of the business. Liz has worked with many women over the years and help them work through their limiting mindset issues. 

Three common money mindset issues that Liz has seen with her clients. Can you relate to any of them?

1.    I can’t charge THAT much/I’m not worth that much

So many entrepreneurs (and women especially) feel a deep sense of guilt charging for their products and services. They may believe they aren’t worthy of charging a certain price, be afraid that they won’t live up to expectations, or they may have a deeply rooted sense of guilt accepting money from other people.

This leads to undercharging for their services, not raising prices when they should, overworking, and even becoming angry or resentful with their clients and customers. This mindset usually keeps entrepreneurs stuck and creates an “income ceiling” they may not even be aware of.

2.    Making money should be hard

A common limiting belief in the business and entrepreneurship world is that making money shouldn’t come easily and that