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In an apartment in Gaza, a model with a septum piercing wears Meera Adnan’s ’80s-style looks: an oversized jacket with puffy sleeves and extreme-high-waist trousers with shell buttons. The Gaza-based designer typically favors easy suiting pieces that come in oversized silhouettes with a playful retro flair, usually mixing in modern styling effects, such as a Fendi bag and a Prada bucket hat. In the 27-year-old’s current look book, she captured the model with an almost on-the-go flair, with her Palestinian-Gaza passport in her hand and a bottle of Jasmine hair oil on her mantle. Here, looks are casual, like an asymmetrical cream dress with bishop sleeves and an oversized olive blazer that looks plucked from a man’s closet. “If you want to dress it up or want to dress it down, you just can mix it with anything,” she says. “For example, if you are hijabi or if you’re not a hijabi, you still can pull it off.”

Adnan’s collection is deeply personal. The clothes skew oversized, a feature that stemmed from Adnan’s smaller frame. “I was always underweight as a kid, and even as an adult, I used to get a lot of comments about the fact that most women in my society are curvy,” she says. “According to the standards of society, my body looked like a child’s body. I felt like I didn’t look like a woman. For some time when I was in college, I used to dress in oversized clothing because it gave me that freedom of, in a way, hiding my body from people’s expectations, so they wouldn’t know what size I am and then they wouldn’t have a reason to make comments.”

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As more Americans lose their jobs due to the pandemic, they also lose their health insurance tied to their employment. NPR dives into the origins of employer-based health insurance in the U.S.


Millions of people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. And along with the loss of work, many of those same Americans no longer have health insurance. Now, other developed countries like Britain, Germany, Japan, have different systems – a universal system that covers everyone, regardless of whether you’re employed or not.


So how did the U.S. end up with an employer-based system instead? Well, our colleagues over at NPR’s history podcast Throughline wanted to find out. Their latest episode tells the story of the battle for health insurance in the U.S. It’s long and complicated, and it could have ended up another way. Today they’re going to share the moment employer-based health insurance was cemented in the U.S. Here are hosts Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei.


RUND ABDELFATAH, BYLINE: In 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower was sworn in as the country’s 34th president.


FRED M VINSON: …Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States so help you God.


JIM MORONE: The Eisenhower administration comes in – the only Republican administration between 1932 and 1968 – long stretch of Democrats.

ABDELFATAH: This is Jim Morone. He’s a political science professor at Brown University and co-author of the book “The Heart of Power”. Before Eisenhower, several Democratic presidents pushed for federally backed social safety nets, some successful, others not so much. Franklin D. Roosevelt passed Social Security, and after that, Harry Truman tried and failed to bring about a universal health care

A township in Cape May County said it has scheduled a property tax sale in October to help recoup losses from state-ordered, coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions.

Ten of the 15 properties up for sale in Middle Township are in the Whitesboro area of the township, a community established in 1901 for Black settlers to own homes, especially to escape the violence and racial oppression in Jim Crow America. The sale has some community members wondering if their historic shore community will retain its identity as an area established primarily for people of color.

“This was an African-American safe haven,” said Shirley Green, a longtime resident and local historian. “For them to be tax selling is pretty-much running us out of our quality of life.”

But Green said she understands both sides of the issue. She owns nearly two dozen properties in Whitesboro, many of which are residential rentals. She said she has tried to work with tenants but the township hasn’t worked with her as a property owner who is also experiencing shortfalls.

The parcels that will be auctioned up range in size from a mobile home lot in a campground to a nearly 3-acre lot on Gibbs Street in a wooded area with no structure on it in Whitesboro. Three of the 15 parcels for sale have residential structures on them but none are occupied, a local official said.

The properties will be sold at auction on October 28 with opening bids ranging from $7,600 for a parcel on Matthews Street in Whitesboro to $83,400 for a lot with no structure on it in the 1100 block of Golf Club Road on the east side of the Garden State Parkway. Most of the township, including Whitesboro, is west of the Garden State Parkway.

“We have been preparing for some

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