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My husband and I got married when neither of us had a lot of money and, over the last five years, both of us have started to make a little more; enough to live comfortably and happily within our means. We both agreed that we’d likely stay in the same range of income for the foreseeable future. Neither of us “come from” money and while our families have always done fine, it wasn’t like we never had to worry about finances. Most people do.

Then …

My husband’s mother recently won a major medical settlement and was awarded an extremely life changing amount of money. Like, lotto-winning life changing. She wants to give us a lot of that money. My husband is an only child so we’re not even splitting it with anyone. Now my husband is looking at houses and boats and cars and his mom is SO happy to be “providing” these material things should we want them, and I feel extremely uncomfortable both with the money part of it and the obvious strings attached part. This wasn’t how we as a couple talked or thought about money before, but now it seems his opinions have changed knowing that he’s essentially “set.” He has even mentioned quitting his job to start a business using some of the money as capital. To me, all of this is crazy.

I know what money like this can