While more than half this new collection of Dow Industrials is too pricey and reveals only skinny dividends, the ten lowest priced Dogs of the Dow are worth consideration. This month three of the ten live up to the ideal of having their annual dividends from a $1K investment exceed the single share price. Several more show prices within $10 of meeting that goal.

With renewed downside market pressure, it may be possible for Cisco (CSCO), Intel Corp. (INTC), Coca-Cola Co. (KO), Merck & Co. Inc. (MRK), and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) to join the three elite lowest priced high-yield Dow stocks, Chevron Corp. (CVX), Dow Inc. (DOW), and Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), (the three ideal dogs) and also fair-priced with their annual yield (from $1K invested) meeting or exceeding their single share prices by year-end.

After the Ides of March dip, and others yet to come, the time to buy the top yield Dow dogs continues to beckon.

Actionable Conclusions (1-10): Brokers Targeted 12.33% To 48.62% Net Gains From Top Ten Dow Dogs By October 1, 2021

Seven of ten top dividend-yielding Dow dogs were verified as also being among the top ten gainers for the coming year based on analyst 1-year target prices. (They are tinted gray in the chart below). So, this September 2020 yield-based forecast for Dow dogs, as graded by Wall St. wizard estimates, was 70% accurate.

Estimates based on dividend returns from $1,000 invested in the ten highest yielding stocks and their aggregate one-year analyst median target prices, as reported by YCharts, created the 2020-21 data points. Note: One-year target prices from single analysts were not applied. Ten probable profit-generating trades projected to October 1, 2021 were:


Chevron Corp. netted $486.19 based on the median of target price estimates from twenty-five