• Cross-training, or encouraging team members to pick up skills in more than one area of the business, can be a powerful strategy when facing a crisis like the pandemic.
  • Employees will gain new perspectives, become more engaged and invested, and may even discover new strengths. 
  • Even outside of a crisis, leaning on the workers you have rather than constantly making new hires can drive productivity and inspire upward career mobility. 
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An important lesson I had to learn early on in my entrepreneurial journey is that, in the face of a crisis, you must leverage whatever assets you have to secure a solid foundation for your business. Lean on your skill sets, tools, space, and perhaps your greatest resource: your people.

When it’s time to get lean, encouraging and training the people on your team to develop skills in more than one area of the business is often a smart move. It’s called cross-training, and it could be the strategy that helps your business survive the toughest times.

Save money on headcount

The primary reason you hire an employee is because they can do their job well, which is of the utmost importance. But it’s also worth evaluating how diversifying an employee’s expertise to include multiple areas of the business can help improve your bottom line.

As a result of proper cross-training, your employees will build on their existing knowledge and develop new skills, ultimately becoming more empowered workers. Consequently, this approach can help save on the cost of onboarding additional employees.

Gain alternate perspectives

Often, bringing in a fresh set of eyes to observe and weigh in on different areas of a business can lead to identifying opportunities for improvement and efficiencies. I recently shared a story about an unconventional hire my company