MIAMI, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A revamped private label CBD service company, publicly-traded under OTC: TNRG, The Hemp Plug, reduces production time of custom CBD products by 40%, giving CBD brands the ability to create their own unique products in less time than ever.

Businesses can now conceptualize their own unique CBD products, tapping into untapped markets, and gaining a competitive edge in the growing CBD market.

An industry leader in white label CBD services, The Hemp Plug (THP), has recently shifted focus to their private label CBD service, optimizing their product customization service. As part of their revamp, THP has added a new team dedicated solely to private label CBD services. This team is responsible for facilitating communications between the lab and business in order to reduce production time.

Through their efforts, THP has reduced the CBD product creation process from consultation to completion by 40 percent.

Along with an improved production time, businesses that have not traditionally had the means to test and manufacture new concepts now have the ability to lean on THP’s expertise and resources to create proprietary products that can be sold exclusively by their brands.

With the industry still growing, private label CBD services make it possible for brands to develop new and exciting niche products that stand out among the more common offerings of CBD oils, edibles, and smokables.

“At THP, we’re in the business of helping CBD brands find success in the industry. With our revamped private label CBD services, we can help our clients cash in on first-mover advantage with their original concepts, collaborating on never-before-seen products with custom ingredients, flavors, and packaging. We’re excited to see how these new and out-of-the-box ideas can shape the future of the industry.” said Adam Levy, CEO of The Hemp Plug.