A prominent Iowa Republican has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint alleging Iowa Democrat Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield is improperly coordinating with outside political action groups.

Greenfield has coordinated more than $900,000 worth of communications with the Senate Majority PAC run by the allies of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the complaint alleges.

“There is reason to believe Greenfield, her campaign, and the IDP violated the Act by soliciting an illegal contribution from SMP [Senate Majority Pac],” said the complaint filed by Wes Enos, a Bondurant City Councilman and former Polk County GOP chairman.


The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 says campaigns are only allowed to accept in-kind contributions of $5,000 per year from multicandidate committees.

Enos’ complaint highlights a Sept. 17 tweet from Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson Jeremy Busch which links to a page on the organization’s website that contains attacks and allegations that are “clearly intended to serve as the script for a Super PAC or dark money advertisement.” The webpage also links to opposition research which contains attack lines against Sen. Ernst.

Similar posts were also made on Sept. 27 and Sept. 28.

The Senate Majority PAC conducted its ad buy nine days after Busch’s tweet and used the exact attacks highlighted by the Iowa Democratic Party.

“With 26 days to go, this is a desperate, false claim meant to cover up Senator Ernst’s long and unpopular record of breaking anti-corruption laws, including her campaign getting caught illegally coordinating with a dark money group set up by Ernst’s top aides, as exposed by a bombshell AP investigation,” Greenfield for Iowa communications director Sam Newton said in a statement.

“The flag needed to be thrown” because Greenfield attacks Ernst for using dark money, Enos told Fox