Facing a fellow 0-3 team in the Denver Broncos, the Jets had their chances to come out of Thursday’s game with their first win of the season, but costly penalties seemed to get in their way at every turn in the 37-28 loss.

As a team, the Jets had 11 penalties for 118 yards, including six personal fouls. Perhaps none of them were more costly than Quinnen Williams’ facemask penalty against Brett Rypien, which negated a third-down sack that would have forced the Broncos to punt from deep in their own territory.

The Jets had just taken a 28-27 lead, but the penalty allowed the Broncos’ drive to continue. Denver would capitalize on the second life with afield goal to go up 30-28, before later icing the game with along Melvin Gordon touchdown.

“We had multiple chances to get off the field. We hurt ourselves,” Adam Gase said after the game. “Penalties were just brutal. Made them punt one time and just couldn’t do the right stuff. When we did hit [Rypien], we were hitting him late and were getting personal fouls. It’s ridiculous.

“When you look at it and there are 11 penalties for 118 yards, I mean we hurt ourselves. We need to get this corrected and we need to figure out like what guys are going to do things right, what guys are going to do the right things at the right time. This is not the way that we’re gonna play.”

In fact, the Jets’ final personal foul of the night came just before the final whistle, when Steve McLendon was charged with a helmet-to-helmet hit on Rypien on a fourth-down play.

The Broncos’ sideline seemed to be clearly upset at how physically the Jets were playing, and as a result, Broncos head coach Vic