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Connecticut is ranked the ninth-most expensive state for car insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute, with the average driver spending about $1,168.33 per year on premiums. 

Connecticut drivers have a big opportunity to save if they’re willing to shop around. Auto insurance costs can vary widely from person to person, and there are many factors that go into them.

Things like your age, gender, and your credit score can all influence your premium, or the amount you’ll pay for coverage. Each company uses a different formula to consider these factors into your price, so you’ll want to get a few different quotes to see which company offers you the best price. 

That said, some companies offer excellent rates in Connecticut. Here are a few to help you start your search. 

The following are the most popular car insurance companies in Connecticut, based on the percentage of insured Connecticut drivers who use them:

Company Market share (%)
GEICO 18.44
Progressive 11.27
Allstate 9.72
Liberty Mutual 8.41
State Farm 7.1
Travelers 5.71
USAA* 4.77
MetLife 3.74
Amica 3.61
Nationwide 3.3
The Hartford 3.08
CSAA Insurance 2.28
The Hanover Insurance Group 1.92
Farmers 1.85
National General 1.85
American Family 1.67
Chubb 1.62
Plymouth Rock 0.96
Kemper 0.84
Utica National Insurance 0.7
Arbella Insurance 0.7

*USAA is only for active military, veterans, and their families.

Data from S&P Global Intelligence

Customer satisfaction with car insurance providers may factor into your decision. According to J.D. Power, a consumer research company that surveys customers, these are the top car insurance companies in the

ERIE, Pa., Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Whether shopping for electronics, furniture or a new car, we all love getting the most bang for our buck – and insurance companies know drivers are looking for bargains when it comes to their car insurance. That’s why many insurers advertise low monthly rates to convince customers they’re getting a great deal. But in the event of an accident, that super-cheap auto insurance might leave you stuck paying out of pocket for car repairs or medical bills.

Cheap auto policies can often fall short, but there are ways to save on your premium without compromising your coverage.

Erie Insurance helps sort it out with a four ways cheap auto policies often fall short, and nine ways to save on your premium without compromising your coverage.  

What are the downsides?

  • You could pay more out of pocket later. When you’re found at-fault for an accident, you’re on the hook to pay for anything your insurance policy doesn’t cover. The cost of repairs, medical bills or legal fees from a multi-car pileup can get expensive. Even something simple like a fender bender can cost thousands of dollars in parts alone.
  • You take on more risk. If you run out of cash to pay what you’re responsible for, that could put your savings, investments or assets like your home or car at risk.
  • You get fewer perks. You typically pay a little extra in premium for features like rental car expense coverage, emergency roadside service coverage or a diminishing deductible. But you’ll be happy to have those little extras there when you need them.
  • It’s less personalized. A good insurance agent can help tailor your policy with endorsements and other optional add-ons to be just the right fit for your life. For example, customized coverage can come in handy when you drive occasionally for Uber or Lyft.
  • Ways to save with ERIE:

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