• Jennifer Taub is a legal scholar and advocate who’s testified as a banking law expert before Congress and appeared on MSNBC and CNN. 
  • The following is an excerpt from her new book, “BIG DIRTY MONEY: The Shocking Injustice And Unseen Cost of White Collar Crime.”
  • In it, she examines white collar crime, its history, and why these offenders fail to face the consequences that street level criminals do from Congress and the Supreme Court.
  • She explains how the country’s biggest crimes — like the financial crisis in 2008 to the ongoing opioid epidemic — have taken a toll in its citizens on a systematic level and the US can do better moving forward. 
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America, we have a big dirty money problem.

The corporate crime, elite impunity, and public corruption disease did not infect us overnight, though. We’ve been exposed now for so very long that we are almost immune. Almost.

If you still get angry when you see prosperous predators get away with it, we still have a chance to fight back. I’m ready to speak up about what’s broken and promote specific, significant, and enduring fixes. At the end of this chapter, following these proposed solutions, I’ll explain why and how you can join this effort.

You don’t need a law degree or a lobbyist’s contact list to exert influence. There are more honest people in America who believe that when we get big money out of politics and when big businesses and the elite are made to obey the law, we are all safer and our society is more just. 

Cover.BIg Dirty Money

“BIG DIRTY MONEY: The Shocking Injustice And Unseen Cost of White Collar Crime,” By Jennifer Taub.

Courtesy of Penguin Random House

In a nutshell, here’s the problem:

The extremely wealthy and