Personal YouTube Music Playlists Now Available Via Google Assistant

To make the Google Play Music users transition smoother, Google has added a new feature to the Google Assistant that lets you play your personal YouTube Music playlists on Android.

Google Play Music has already bid adieu to many regions. And is going to stop working for all the users around the world this month. YouTube Music is the chosen one to carry on Play Music’s legacy.

The Mountain View giant has done all it can to make this transition from Play Music to YouTube Music as smooth as possible. In fact, Play Music subscription that goes beyond September will be converted to Play Store credits.

A tool was also provided by Google to help the Play Music users transfer their data over to the YouTube Music app. For the unaware, we have recently reported that the Google Play Music has already vanished for some on Windows OS.

However, in process of making YouTube Music compatible with its other apps, Google is making some efforts. Because, as per 9to5Google, Google Assistant is now equipped with one more feature supporting YouTube Music.

Apparently, users will be able to ask Google Assistant to play their personalized and personally curated YouTube Music playlists. Personal playlists are maintained and created by the users themselves.

This common task was not supported earlier for YouTube Music

Interestingly, this simple task of being able to play personal playlists from YouTube Music was not supported by Google Assistant. And we know YouTube Music is there for quite a while now.

So, take this as a step to make Google Assistant, as capable and featureful for performing YouTube Music related tasks. There are multiple reports that highlight that Google Assistant on Android is working to play personal YouTube Music playlists.

You simply need to say: “Hey Google, play X playlist” or “OK Google, play X.” Moreover, it is not clear whether you are required to attach the word “playlist” at the end of the voice command to trigger playing personal playlists.

But one thing is good though, you do not need to specify the app name, i.e. YouTube Music to play your personal playlists, especially if it is set as default.

Good thing is that your likes can also be accessed from the YouTube Music app via the Google Assistant for Android. Besides, users can confirm this by heading to the in-app Playlists page.

This feature is working well on Google Assistant for Android. Additionally, it is not limited to a certain region and is available internationally. We hope that this is not a testing phase for this feature and should be made available for everyone.

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