Kromek Launches the D3 PRD High-Accuracy Personal Radiation Detector

All-in-one gamma device helps security forces detect radioactive sources at twice the speed, from twice as far and with greater sensitivity to protect against nuclear threats

Kromek Group plc (“Kromek” or the “Group”) (AIM: KMK), a worldwide supplier of detection technology focusing on the medical, security screening and nuclear markets, is pleased to announce the launch of the D3 PRD, the new all-in-one, high-accuracy personal radiation detector (“PRD”) for first responders, armed forces, border security and CBRNE experts.

The D3 PRD continuously monitors gamma radiation levels, equipping security forces to protect against the threat of nuclear terrorism and the illicit movement of nuclear materials. Built to meet the requirements of the PRD market, it expands Kromek’s existing range of wearable radiation detectors. The D3 PRD is an all-in-one device, with replaceable batteries and which fits into a conventional use model of PRDs. It measures and notifies users of gamma dose while also storing spectral information that can be downloaded and analysed offline by a trained user if required.

The new product combines a small form factor (pocket-sized) with a detector substantially larger than that of some competitors. It allows users to detect radiation at twice the speed, from twice the distance and with greater sensitivity (detecting material at half the strength) than the current state-of-the-art detectors. The built-in screen notifies users of radiation with a high dose accuracy of ±10% and it has an industry-leading ultra-low false alarm rate that is more than six times better than the ANSI standard determined by the US government.

In addition, Kromek’s CIRIS configuration software allows users to tailor the device settings for specific applications, including adjusting the threshold for alarms. The E-Learning platform allows users to benefit from on-the-go interactive training to ensure all frontline workers can be easily equipped with the device.

Dr Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek, said: “We are very pleased to be deepening our footprint in the personal radiation detection market and expanding our wearable range. The new D3 PRD meets a growing market demand for a standalone gamma-only device, while offering market-leading dose accuracy, speed to alarm and an ultra-low false positive number. Built with ease-of-use in mind, the device can be tailored to specific applications and worn by all frontline workers, helping to ensure our towns and cities are protected against nuclear threats.”

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D3 PRD specification

Gamma detector material


Gamma detector volume

1 in3 (16cm3)

Gamma energy range

30 keV to 3 MeV

Gamma sensitivity for Cs-137

5 cps/µR/h (500 cps/µSv/h)

Photo peak 1.2 cps/µR/h (120 cps/µSv/h)

Maximum throughput for gamma channel

10,000 cps

Maximum dose rate

100 R/h (1 Sv/h) at 662 keV

Dose accuracy

±10% – far exceeds ANSI N42.32

False alarm rate

1 in 24h without compromising detection of weak sources


Micro USB, Bluetooth®

Operational battery life

>40 hours

Operational temperature range

-20°C to 50°C, meets ANSI N42.32 section 7.1, section 7.2, section 7.5

Device size

125mm x 80mm x 35mm

Device volume



Up to 93% RH as per ANSI N42.32 section 7.3

Moisture/dust protection

IP65 exceeds ANSI N42.32 section 7.4

Device weight (excluding batteries)



1450 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery

2 x AA replaceable batteries


Charging via USB

Device status indicator

External LED and on device display

Internal data storage

>100,000 spectra and dose values

Hardware Standard Compliance


ANSI N42.32 section 9.1

ESD immunity

ANSI N42.32 section 8.1

Radiated emissions

ANSI N42.32 section 8.4

Drop test

ANSI N42.32 section 9.2

Impact (microphonics)

ANSI N42.32 section 9.3

About Kromek Group plc

Kromek Group plc is a technology group (global HQ in County Durham) and a leading developer of high performance radiation detection products based on cadmium zinc telluride (“CZT”) and other advanced technologies. Using its core technology platforms, Kromek designs, develops and produces x-ray and gamma ray imaging and radiation detection products for the medical, security screening and nuclear markets.

The Group’s products provide high resolution information on material composition and structure and are used in multiple applications, ranging from the identification of cancerous tissues to hazardous materials, such as explosives, and the analysis of radioactive materials.

The Group’s business model provides a vertically integrated technology offering to customers, from radiation detector materials to finished products or detectors, including software, electronics and application specific integrated circuits (“ASICs”).

The Group has operations in the UK and US (California and Pennsylvania), and is selling internationally through a combination of distributors and direct OEM sales.

Currently, the Group has over one hundred full-time employees across its global operations. Further information on Kromek Group is available at and

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