Job-based health insurance falters | LinkedIn

If the Affordable Care Act(ACA), (aka Obamacare), is struck down:
1. As many as 133 million Americans — roughly half the population under the age of 65 — have pre-existing medical conditions that could disqualify them from buying a health insurance policy or cause them to pay significantly higher premiums if the health law were overturned.
2. What’s a pre-existing condition? Common ailments such as high blood pressure or asthma, any of which could require those buying insurance on their own to pay much more for a policy, if they could get one at all.
3. And!… The coronavirus, which has infected nearly seven million Americans to date, could also be cut out of getting insurance coverage
4. And, 54 million people have conditions serious enough that insurers would outright deny them coverage if the A.C.A. were not in effect.

Why every single American should care:
1. Under the A.C.A., no one can be denied coverage under any circumstance, and insurance companies cannot retroactively cancel a policy.

What to do? Protect this policy. Make your voice heard. Your family will thank you. Your pocketbook will thank you. (Insurance companies will not thank you!)

Personally, I think this work reveals only the tip of the iceberg of the immense disparity there is in #healthcare access, quality and outcomes with regard to race/ethnicity. Importantly, significant evidence supports that this relationship is also highly associated with #socioeconomicstatus. Given that Latino and Black populations face significant disparities in income, employment, and ultimately wealth, it tells us there is more more work to do.

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