I ‘Thought Money Was an Object’

Bryce Hall/ Instagram Bryce Hall

Tiktok star Bryce Hall has his sights set on a new virtual platform.

After rising to fame on YouTube and TikTok, Hall has launched a new podcast, titled Capital University and co-hosted by investor Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, to help him learn how to manage his growing bank account.

After going ″completely broke″ and getting hit with taxes, Hall says his eyes were opened to the importance of proper money management. And realizing that many of his fans might find themselves in similar positions, he decided to start Capital University.

″I always thought money was an object,″ Hall tells PEOPLE of his past financial habits. ″I was spending money before I even had it.″

On the podcast, the two co-hosts will break down the basics of investing, talk steps to ensure future financial security and discuss the challenges that arise from being young, rich and famous.

″Save your money! It can go,″ Hall, 21, says of one of the biggest lesson he’s learned. ″Don’t spend it all.″

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Hall is among TikTok’s top stars, with nearly 14 million followers. He resides in the Sway House in Los Angeles, where several social media stars who live together while producing viral moments on TikTok and YouTube.

″I spend most of my money on my YouTube videos, it goes into my content,” he says.

Earlier this summer, Hall founded Ani Energy Drink alongside fellow social media star Josh Richards. He also has his own apparel line.

Listen to Capital University on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.

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