How much money YouTube pays finance creators: per month, year, views

  • YouTube’s Partner Program lets creators monetize their videos with Google-placed ads. 
  • YouTube pays creators a certain rate based on the type of audience their videos attract, and often talking about money can net an influencer more per view than many other topics, according to finance creators.
  • We spoke with several finance influencers on exactly how much money they’ve made a month, per 100,000 views, and in a single year on YouTube. 
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This is the latest installment of Business Insider’s YouTube money logs, where creators break down how much they earn.

Attorney Erika Kullberg started her personal-finance YouTube channel one year ago after leaving her job as a corporate lawyer and she now has about 71,500 subscribers.

Though Kullberg’s YouTube channel doesn’t have millions of subscribers, she is still able to earn a sizeable amount of money each month because of her video content and the audience her channel attracts. She films videos about personal finance, passive income, investing, and stimulus-package updates.

The audiences these topics attract are valuable to advertisers, who usually pay more money for an informative business-related video than a vlog-style video. In short: Talking about money on YouTube can make creators a lot of it, according to some personal-finance creators like Kullberg. 

Toward the end of April, Kullberg’s channel was accepted into YouTube’s Partner Program — making May the first month she earned revenue off YouTube, she said. Her channel reached 1.8 million views that month, and her most viewed videos were about the stimulus package.

Business Insider spoke with several finance influencers on exactly how much money they’ve made per 1,000 ad views, per 100,000 views, in a month, in a year, and the most amount of money they’ve earned on a single YouTube video. 

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what they said:

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