Cramer’s DC Failure, Market Turns

Read about how Congress delaying the stimulus doomed lots of smaller businesses. How to artfully negotiate a correction. Why Consumer tech spending could accelerate. Why many market views have become predictable despite so much uncertainty and possible outcomes. And how you may regret waiting for another market pullback before buying. It’s all on Real Money right now.

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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer’s DC Failure, Market Turns

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Jim Cramer: Thanks for Nothing, Washington

Washington failed. Without a stimulus, it’s too late. While it may be great for the stock market, it’s horrible for the 14 to 15 million souls trying to put food on the dinner table, writes Jim Cramer.

When people say the stock market doesn’t reflect the real economy they are missing a salient point: By designating some companies as essential and others as non-essential, the state governments doomed lots of smaller businesses. They ended up desperate for funds.

Rev Shark: The Art of Navigating a Correction

Most traders and investors experience a similar pattern of profits and losses in their accounts. We work hard to steadily build gains in our accounts and then the market will suddenly reverse and we see weeks or even months of hard work suddenly disappear in just a few days.

It can be discouraging and downright depressing and we will berate ourselves for not being more careful. We assure ourselves we will not let it happen again, but of course it does, says James “Rev Shark” DePorre. Sizable, sudden losses will occur when the market turns. Find ways to use that to your advantage.

Jhonsa: Stimulus and Cold Weather Could Light Fresh Fires Under Consumer Tech Spending

Depending on how a couple of factors play out, growth rates in areas such as gaming and e-commerce could accelerate further, notes Eric Jhonsa.

Heading into what’s by far the seasonally biggest quarter for consumer spending they all still look pretty strong. And there are a couple of things besides the holiday season that could add more fuel to the fire.

Kass: One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills

Too often we debate markets with the same source of dogma and lack of objectivity that exists in our political debates, observes Doug Kass. You can almost tell how someone will interpret the markets (Bull or Bear or something in between) by the person who voices their views.

In general, views have become predictable despite the existence of so much uncertainty and possible outcomes, many of them adverse. Kass finds this predetermination odd.

Bengali: Waiting to Buy the Next Dip Could Turn Into an Expensive Proposition

Traders who hope to catch another market pullback before buying could regret their inaction should stocks grind higher, points out Maleeha Bengali.

It is best not to be too cute in waiting for another dip, for even if it does happen, would you not want to add more to your conviction ideas?

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