Biden and Trump prepare for a debate that could turn personal | National News

Watch any of Biden’s debates, it is clear he has some quirks. Since he was told for decades that he talks too much, he often stops mid-sentence when he sees his time is up. Some advisers say that when he is debating someone like Trump, if he’s trying to be polite, it can be perceived as weak — and is something to avoid.

“I do think that he will not be polite against somebody who is a terrible bully. I think that he will be strong. I think he will be clear. He should own the stage, right? ‘This character over here, who is a liar and a con man, and has presided over 200,000 deaths, that guy should not be president. I should be, and here is why.’ ” said former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who has prepared Biden for multiple debates. Granholm is a CNN contributor.

She, like other Biden allies, warns that spending too much time fact checking the President would be a mistake.

“He can start by saying and acknowledging from the outset that Donald Trump is an inveterate liar and he will lie during this debate, but he just can’t be spending all of his time battling Donald Trump’s lies when he’s got to get his message out and talk to the people about what he’s going to do for them. It’s about them, not about Donald Trump,” said Granholm.

As for the President, some of his advisers say they hope he reigns in his natural tendency to get too personal.

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