Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips and Strategies


To be able to survive longer and stay ahead of your competition in the competitive e-marketing world, every e-commerce business today is employing search engine optimization Houston techniques. The internet is fully flooded with tips and strategies making it a very daunting task to select the best strategy to apply for your search engine optimization purposes. Further, it really pays to stay updated on the most relevant and latest SEO news and what works or what is no longer effective. Here are some of the most commendable and effective SEO tips that you can implement.

– Before you apply any SEO strategy, it is highly recommended that you know the current ranking of your site, which you can do by simply using tools such as Alexa or Google Toolbar.

– One of the most important SEO tips is proper use of keywords. You may need to update your website with your most relevant keywords. Ensure you put all your relevant keywords on the content, coding, HTML, image name, and URL. Be cautious though and ensure you remain within the keyword density failure to which the content on the site will not attract any readers and it will be considered as spam by the search engine spiders.

– Create a short and easy to remember URL with the main keyword featured on it.

– Create a user friendly sitemap on the website that will facilitate easy navigation within the website.

Build exact backlinks to your major archive by writing fresh content or writing new articles. Ensure the internal linking structure is well integrated.

– Update the content on your website regularly so that the search engine spiders will always have a new reason to crawl your site each time a search query is conducted. Blogging is one great way in which you can have updated content on your site.

– Include image tags with the right keywords. This is because the search engine spiders are not humans hence cannot be able to read image text.

– Create a good rapport with other webmasters by asking them to link to your site and you link back to them. This way, you both get to boost the number of hits on both the sites. You however need to make sure that links to your site come from trusted authoritative sites or even directories such as  or .

– You can further enhance your link building strategy by taking advantage of social media sites such as Yahoo Answers. For instance, if you have photos of a service or product that customers love, you can post the photos on  and then create a good readership.

The above mentioned SEO tips have proven very effective and if you implement them, they can greatly contribute to a well optimized site.