• Jade Darmawangsa has 381,000 YouTube subscribers and has expanded her channel into a full-time business by working with brands on sponsorships and collaborations.
  • Darmawangsa uses a media kit as a tool to showcase her value to a brand or company.
  • She shared the exact 4-page document she uses to land deals and the rates she charges. 
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YouTube creator Jade Darmawangsa (381,000 subscribers) expanded her channel into a full-time business by working with brands on sponsorships. 

Her social-media business mainly generates income through brand deals and the Google-placed ads that play in her YouTube videos, she told Business Insider.

On average, she charges between $2,000 and $5,000 for a YouTube brand sponsorship, and between $500 and $2,000 for a sponsored Instagram post, she said. On YouTube, her monthly earnings vary, and the most she’s made from a single video is around $5,000, according to a screenshot of her dashboard viewed by Business Insider.

When trying to land brand deals, Darmawangsa uses a media kit as a tool to showcase her value to a brand or company. Media kits often contain a variety of types of information, including performance metrics, which are a key component for brands, according to Alessandro Bogliari, the cofounder and CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory.

“When I say metrics, I don’t talk only about vanity metrics (likes, comments, views) but also about conversions,” he said in an email earlier this year. “A lot of brands are looking not only anymore for brand awareness but for real conversions (sign-ups, e-commerce sales, use of promo codes, etc). If we see any reference to actual important numbers and metrics in an influencer kit we know that we are talking with a professional that cares about giving real value to our client.”

Darmawangsa’s media kit

When it comes to opening up about her struggles and personal journey, there are no taboo subjects for Willow Smith, one half of innovative rock duo The Anxiety alongside bandmate and collaborator Tyler Cole. In March this year, the 19-year-old spent 24 hours inside a glass box as part of a silent performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles—shaving her head in the process—to raise further awareness about anxiety. And her determination to use her platform to speak up about life’s most urgent issues doesn’t stop there.

This year alone saw Smith join forces with environmental justice platform EcoResolution, push for active change during the Black Lives Matter movement, and co-create an album about mental health during quarantine, all while continuing to spark creativity as part of fashion collective MSFTSrep alongside her brother, Jaden, with its psychedelic designs. You will also have probably spotted her with actors Rami Malek and Maisie Williams, as well as musicians Troye Sivan and Jackson Wang as the faces of Cartier’s relaunched Pasha watch.

Here, in a personal essay for Vogue, Smith discusses how she’s managed to adopt a new self-care routine in the middle of a turbulent year, and dives into the contradictory relationship with social media we need to collectively unpack.

“When you’re forced to be with your thoughts, be by yourself, it can be scary and uncomfortable. I feel that every day. But I also feel the need to ask myself, ‘Why am I so uncomfortable?’ ‘Where are these thoughts coming from?’ ‘Why can’t I just sit by myself and feel at peace and at home?’ It’s been about digging into those questions in a way that we wouldn’t get to do, if it weren’t for the time we’ve had to reflect this year. If we’re given

CAA Media Finance is representing worldwide distribution rights to “India Sweets and Spices,” produced by SK Global (“Crazy Rich Asians”) and Madison Wells (“Genius”).

The film is directed by Geeta Malik (“Troublemaker”) and is based on her own script “Dinner With Friends” that won the 2016 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in screenwriting. The film follows a young woman who, after her first year at college, returns to her affluent suburban New Jersey home for the summer and discovers distressing secrets about her seemingly picture-perfect Indian American family.

“We don’t often see movies about the duality of identifying strongly with both Indian and American traditions, and not having to choose between them,” Malik said. “And I didn’t want to make a movie specifically about any sort of culture clash. Every generation, no matter what their background, has to find a way to both break free from and embrace their history. That’s what this film is about and it is set in the world I know best.”

The film features Bollywood star Manisha Koirala (“Bombay,” “Lust Stories”), Adil Hussain (“Life of Pi,” “Delhi Crime”) and Sophia Ali, who featured in Amazon series “The Wilds,” and is also in the upcoming “Uncharted,” alongside Antonio Banderas, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

“It feels like a debut,” said Koirala who is a 90-film veteran. “I’ve spent a good deal of time in America but I haven’t worked here before. I was afraid people might have trouble understanding me or that my accent might be unsettling. But Geeta was always so encouraging.”

Koirala’s presence was an incentive for her co-stars. “The way she commands respect is phenomenal,” Ali said. “Her character is such a dynamic, strong person, but she has been stripped of all of her power and thinks she has to live this way for her

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Deer Insurance Agency, LLC of Jacksonville, Florida and its founder and agency principal Ariel Rivera have received the 2020 Excellence in Social Media Award from the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA National). The award was presented on September 23, 2020 during the annual fall meeting of the PIA National Board of Directors.

Deer Insurance Agency, LLC uses social media as its #1 way of generating leads, communicating with customers, and providing them with valuable information while promoting the agency’s brand. “For me, social media has played a vital role in the growth and development of my agencies,” said Ariel Rivera, founder and agency principal. “There is so much good we can do through social media and if we integrate those platforms as part of our communications, our agencies will always have the potential of growth and scale.

“I encourage every independent insurance agency to not be afraid of engaging in social media,” Rivera said. “Get out there and post. Add value to your agency and provide important, accurate information to your customers. Stay true to yourself and your message, and don’t be afraid to guide your clients to this wonderful and interesting journey of insurance.”

The PIA National Excellence in Social Media Award is sponsored again this year by the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), a leader in insurance technology. NIPR provides cost–effective, streamlined and uniform licensing data and compliance services for insurance professionals nationwide.

Founded in 1931, PIA is a national trade association that represents member insurance agents and their employees who sell and service all kinds of insurance, but specialize in coverage of automobiles, homes and businesses. PIA’s web address is www.pianet.com.

Video: https://youtu.be/1VWU9zKPTGc


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SOURCE National Association of Professional Insurance Agents