The finance industry is highly competitive and fast-changing. Finance professionals are expected to quickly adapt to new trends and developments in the field, and the pressure can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many ways to stay informed as a professional in this industry.

We asked 15 members of Forbes Finance Council about their favorite resources to stay in the loop in their industry. Read on for their curated list of books, podcasts, blogs and more to help fellow finance professionals stay on top of industry developments.

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is The Tim Ferriss Show. This podcast includes interviews with world-class performers from a variety of areas in business, the arts, sports, entertainment, etc. I glean many great ideas from the esteemed guests on the show. Countless times I will stop the recording to take notes that I use for later business development opportunities. It is a great resource. – Sarah Hanna, ECS North

2. Marginal Revolution

There are lots of sources to binge on news and startup updates. I find that the most valuable thing most people can do is take a step back and try to understand the deeper forces that are shaping the industry as a whole. For that, Tyler Cowen’s blog Marginal Revolution is one of my favorites. – Sandeep Sood, Kunai

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3. Financial Executives International

I would recommend joining a financial networking organization to stay informed on the latest industry developments. I belong to many, but