This year there have been a tsunami of true wireless earbuds coming onto the market. Many of these earbuds offer premium features like active noise cancelling or customised hearing profiles, but what if you just want a pair of true wireless earbuds at a super-affordable price. How would you know if those budget pair of earbuds from a little-known brand can deliver the goods?

To answer this question, I thought I’d test a pair of true wireless budget earbuds from Aukey, a brand that sells affordable tech products in plain brown boxes, mostly on Amazon. Aukey doesn’t spend spend money on fancy marketing or slick packaging; instead, it focuses on delivering value-centric and reliable tech products at sensible prices. So, let’s see if the brown-label goods can deliver a decent performance.

The first pair I tested were the Aukey EP-T21. These earpod-style earbuds come in a dinky little charging case and they feel very well made. There’s a Micro USB port at the rear of the charging case for topping up the lithium batteries. Green LEDs on the front of the case flash while the case is charging and then turns off after around two hours when the battery is full. There’s no indicator to show the remaining charge in the case. 

Flip open the lid of the charging case and you’ll see both earbuds laying in their charging cradles. Each earbud has an LED that flashes either green or red, depending on whether the earbud batteries are fully charged or not. The earbuds can play for up to five hours on one charge and there’s a total