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​​​Kids are like sponges when it comes to new concepts, making this the perfect time to teach financial literacy. Research shows that the younger you teach children about money, the more independent and responsible they will be as adults. This is why Treasure exists. Treasure, a mobile money management app has been built to teach kids the value of money, fun ways to earn and save their allowance and money received through gifts.

“Financial literacy is a key life skill, but schools don’t teach finance-related courses properly until middle school or high school, and I think that is not only crazy but also way too late to form good habits,” said Matt O’Leary, CEO of Treasure. “Kids need money skills as soon as they can count. My own kids would ask for things in the store without realizing the cost or need to take money to school as early as kindergarten, and that’s when I realized that kids need money skills as soon as they can count.” 

Treasure is a fun-first education tool that teaches positive financial habits around saving and spending, but unlike other tools, Treasure uses real money with real spending and saving options using the bank of Mom and Dad through allowance and task-driven incentives. 

“We all know someone who got in trouble when they got their first credit card. This is because a credit card isn’t money. It’s just an abstract concept,” says O’Leary. “Our research has shown that the reason it is important to start teaching kids about money as early as possible is based on the fact that many financial decisions are based on abstract logic

Brigham Young University-Idaho warned on Monday about accounts of college students “intentionally” trying to contract COVID-19 in order to make money by donating plasma with antibodies. 

The Idaho university issued a statement saying officials were “deeply troubled” by the alleged behavior and “is actively seeking evidence of such conduct among our student body.”

Students who are determined to have intentionally exposed themselves or others to the virus will be immediately suspended from the university and may be permanently dismissed,” the university stated.

“The contraction and spread of COVID-19 is not a light matter,” the statement continued. “Reckless disregard for health and safety will inevitably lead to additional illness and loss of life in our community.”

University officials noted that they had previously cautioned last month that if Idaho or Madison County continue to experience surges in cases, the university may have to switch to fully online learning. 

The release also encouraged students who are participating in this behavior to consult financial and mental health resources, saying, “There is never a need to resort to behavior that endangers health or safety in order to make ends meet.”

Brigham Young University-Idaho has confirmed 109 COVID-19 cases among students and 22 cases among employees.

The Food and Drug Administration permitted convalescent plasmas from COVID-19 survivors to be used as an emergency therapy for those with coronavirus. The FDA states that the plasma that has antibodies “may be effective in treating COVID-19 and that the known and potential benefits of the product outweigh the known and potential risks.”

Two potential plasma donation locations near the university are the Grifols Biomat USA Rexburg location and the BioLife Plasma Services, NPR reported. The first’s website says it gives donors $100 per visit and East Idaho News reported the latter provides $200 for each of the

The upcoming presidential election will be a historic one for many reasons, not the least of which being the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many states are opting for mail-in ballots, with some sending mail-in options to every registered voter because of the health crisis. Political analysts believe that the voter turnout may be higher this year than in previous years, solely due to the accessibility of a mail-in vote versus voting in person.

Zip codes donating the most money to Donald Trump
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In addition to the mail-in option now available in most states—and available for the first time in some states—many states that went red in 2016 are now projected to turn blue. National polling released Sept. 28 showed Biden commanding a solid, 8-point lead over Trump nationally. Interestingly, while both Biden and Trump have similar numbers of donations overall, Biden received more money from his top 50 zip codes. For example, Biden’s top zip code is 20815 in Chevy Chase, Maryland, raising about $1,031,110 over the past two years. In the same period, Trump’s top zip code—33480 in Palm Beach, Florida—raised $479,428. Still, if 2016 taught pollsters or political pundits anything, it’s not to cast predictions too assuredly ahead of election day.

Stacker analyzed Federal Election Commission (FEC) records from Jan. 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020, to compile a list of 50 zip codes that have donated the most money to Trump over the past two years. Each zip code is ranked by its total donation amount to the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. campaign committee.

Only FEC-processed records from unique individuals, as opposed to outside groups or committees, were considered. The list also include the number of donations made toward Trump’s campaign in that zip code, the total state donations, and some additional details about those areas’ residents.

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The 2020 presidential election is rapidly approaching, with both Democratic challenger Joe Biden and Republican incumbent President Donald J. Trump fighting for every available campaign dollar. Each candidate has received total contributions in the neighborhood of $1 billion.

To find out which of the country’s 42,000 zip codes have donated the most money to Joe Biden over the past two years, Stacker analyzed Federal Election Commission records from Jan. 1, 2019-July 31, 2020, released in August, to compile a list of the top 50. Each zip code is ranked by its total donation amount to the Biden for President campaign committee. Only FEC-processed records from unique individuals, as opposed to outside groups or committees, were considered. Slides also include the number of donations made toward Biden’s campaign in that zip code, and the total state donations to the campaign.

Zip codes donating the most money to Joe Biden
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The top 50 zip codes that have been most generous toward the Biden for President campaign span nine states, although 14 were contained within the island of Manhattan alone. One of the island’s wealthiest zip codes supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election to the tune of 86% of the popular vote, although one of that zip code’s richest enclaves, Lincoln Square, saw Trump garner 33%.

California boasts 13 spots in the top 50, including perhaps the country’s most famous zip code. A hit television show in the early 1990s made those five digits a household name, and today’s residents have given more than $400 per donation to the Biden campaign.

While the White House has a zip code all to itself, seven surrounding zips in the nation’s capital are among Biden’s largest contributors. A nearby Maryland community, which also carries a famous Hollywood name, tops the list as the only seven-figure contributor.

The list