The fixed order of the NFL is to give contracts to the big stars. If an organization gets hit by poor coaching, injuries, close losses, and underperformance of those stars, an unholy mess follows and the salary cap becomes a ball-and-chain. The Falcons are in the pit of that mess this week and owner Arthur Blank, at last, recognized it is time to fire head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Atlanta is 0-5 and the ignominy of the dismissal wasn’t carried out on Zoom, but in a late-night statement Sunday.

All those contracts, the parade of big money, deal after deal, promise after promise, and the Falcons are winless. Quinn and Dimitroff were co-joined in the drafts, trades, and roster construction that have soured.

The deals are haunting. Linebacker Deion Jones received a $57 million dollar extension in 2019 and has not played well in 2020 and has set a poor example with humdrum play.

Jones was entrusted to be the soul of the defense, but he was lackadaisical in coverage on a touchdown at Green Bay and just plain asleep on a touchdown Sunday in the loss to Carolina. The Falcons’ $14.3 million a year linebacker was in the middle of the field inside the end zone when the Panthers lined up for second down at the Atlanta 3-yard line. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater faked to Davis and then Davis went into the right flat and caught an easy touchdown pass. Jones was flat-footed at the snap and started running to cover Davis while the ball was in the air.

Defensive end Dante Fowler,