In this week’s episode of the Money Clinic podcast, presenter Claer Barrett chats to Naureen, a 37-year-old Londoner who has been saving money under lockdown — and now wants to start investing it in the stock market.

Naureen had a wake-up call when she received her annual pension statement through the post, and saw that her projected income in retirement wouldn’t even cover the basics.

She’s so keen to learn more about investing she’s even started a vision board to inspire good financial habits — but with so much information out there, where should she begin?

The experts giving their two pennies’ worth in the Money Clinic this week are Jason Butler, the FT’s Wealth Man columnist, and presenter of the Real Money Stories podcast, who illustrates his investment insights using scotch whisky and water, and Charlotte Brayton, a financial planner at James Hambro & Partners. She has a list of tips for first-time investors to work through before they even think about investing — how many have you ticked off?

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The pandemic has made everyone feel very differently about their finances — and we’ve changed our podcast to reflect this. Every week, the Money Clinic features real life-stories from FT readers around the world (on a first name only basis) to help everyone get to grips with common financial dilemmas. If you would like to talk to Claer for a future episode, please email the Money Clinic team with a short description of your problem, and how you would like us to help.

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