Brits spend over £150 a year on cleaning products. Photo: JESHOOTS.COM/Unsplas
Brits spend over £150 a year on cleaning products. Photo: JESHOOTS.COM/Unsplas

Generation Z Brits spend more money on cleaning products than any other age group in the UK, research suggests.

Brits now spend about £12.61 ($16.30) a month on cleaning products — £151.32 a year — while 16% even spend over £20, according to a survey of by Currys PC World.

However, Generation Z — 16 to 24-year olds — spend above average, and more than any other age group on their cleaning routine, at about £14.73 a month. This comes to about £50 a year more than over-55s, the research found.

The younger generations are more eco-conscious in their cleaning habits, with Generation Z being the most likely to make their own eco-friendly cleaning products, while those aged 25 to 34-year olds are the most likely to buy eco-friendly cleaning products.

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However, youngsters are also the most likely to throw away a dirty, old appliance away to avoid cleaning it — with one in five Generation Z admitting they have or would do this — thus contributing to harmful landfills.

Across the UK, people in London are the most likely to fork out more cash for a clean home, spending about £14.54 a month, while people in Northern Ireland follow closely behind, spending about £14.02 a month.

On the other hand, those in the South West spend the least, at about £11.71, the research found.

The study also found Brits are spending more time cleaning in 2020, dedicating 6.5 hours a week to keeping the home tidy. This is an increase of about 23 minutes since 2019 — likely as a result of people spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent national