Businesswoman, philanthropist, and television personality Bethenny Frankel is known for her bold and outspoken nature. Over the years, she has taken many calculated risks as an entrepreneur, investor, and lifestyle influencer. One of the best ‘risks’ has been speaking up as a woman in business. Now with much success, Frankel has taken on a new venture as the host of the “Just B with Bethenny Frankel” podcast which takes a nontraditional approach to business and lifestyle conversations with business luminaries.

To date, Mark Cuban, Television personality, Entrepreneur, and Owner of the Dallas Mavericks; Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix; and Paris Hilton, Entrepreneur & DJ have joined Frankel on her show.

When it comes to speaking up, Frankel said that there are many ways to do business. Being fearless in her decision making and advocating for herself are two of the many things that have gotten her to where she is today.

In Business, Say What You Mean

“I’ve always been like this! Different people have different styles. Some people just go with their gut. Paris Hilton says that she goes with her gut, most people do. Other people like to pitch to ask around or to crowdsource because there are people around them that are smarter than them. There are many different styles to every type of business,” said Frankel.  

She went on to add, “We are alone in our decision making in business. Once you make that final decision, you sign that paper, you make that choice to say something, do something – it’s your choice alone. That fearlessness has really taken me far. I’ve always known that when you jump, you fly. When something feels wrong, but you just don’t have the