• On October 6, Instagram hosted a virtual conference to celebrate the app’s 10th anniversary and discuss new features, trends, and usage tips.
  • Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, outlined the six main ways that creators make money through Instagram, including brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and ad revenue.
  • He also touched on how Instagram wants to improve monetization moving forward.
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Instagram hosted on Tuesday a digital convention to mark the app’s 10th anniversary and look forward to what’s next.

The event was held on Zoom and kicked off with a conversation between Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, and content creator Lilly Singh. After the two shared questions and talking points about some of Instagram’s newest features, trends, and areas for improvement (like fake engagement and cyber-bullying), the audience asked Mosseri questions. 

“Do you plan on sharing ad revenue or any other revenue with creators?” one person on the Zoom call asked.

“We’re trying to figure out how to do that,” Mosseri responded. Instagram recently started testing an ad revenue program on IGTV earlier this year, and introduced “Badges,” which allow followers to tip creators when they are livestreaming.

“There are a bunch of ways that we can help creators make money,” Mosseri continued. 

Here are the six main ways that creators earn money on Instagram, according to Mosseri:

  1. Branded content
  2. Affiliate marketing 
  3. Ad revenue
  4. Commerce tools
  5. Direct monetization like Badges
  6. Gated content

“There are other ways too, but these are the six areas that we’re exploring,” Mosseri said.

Mosseri said Instagram wants to provide a suite of monetization tools to meet the different needs of creators, as each revenue method varies across following size, industry, and type of content.  

For instance, ad revenue may help some smaller creators monetize their content, but